Tongue Scraper Copper Panga



Tongue scrapers are an important step in our oral hygiene routine! Think of your tongue as a shag rug. These fibers (taste buds) can trap bacteria. This bacteria can cause foul odors, a distorted function of your taste buds, and an accumulation of bad bacteria in general. If you are only brushing your tongue, you are essentially just moving the bacteria around (like a shag rug). BUT if you are brushing your tongue first to disrupt the bacteria, and then scraping it all off, bacteria removal is much more effective.

  • 1 copper tongue scraper 
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Helps remove bad-breath causing bacteria
  • Helps remove bacteria hindering the efficacy of taste buds
  • Arrives in simple, recyclable packaging
  • OK to put in recycling bin


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