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at 936 North Ave, Unit 102
in November 2021.

Hi there! My name is Kate Bennet - I am an environmental enthusiast and the owner of New Way Refillery.

New Way Refillery is the first zero-waste refillery on the Western Slope of Colorado. It was officially launched on June 1, 2021 as a mobile refillery!

The main focus of New Way Refillery is to provide more sustainable options to our community.

The inspiration. Our Earth is choking on plastic! Zero-waste refilleries, similar to ours, are popping out all around the country and allow their customers to bring their existing bottles for a refill. When I learned about the refillery concept, it made so much sense to me that three months later New Way Refillery was born and started its mission on eliminating plastics in the Grand Valley.

YES to sustainable packaging! The main service of our refillery is to offer bulk products without the disposable, single-use plastic bottle that traditionally comes with it. The best packaging is no packaging! Together we have refilled hundreds of bottles and there are so many more to be refilled!

YES to sustainable products! While the amount of trash and plastics we produce kill and poison our wild life, some of the harsh chemicals used in conventional every day products also negatively impact our own human health and the health of our water ways. We are offering only environmentally-conscious products made from clean, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for people and the planet.

YES to ethical practices! If you support New Way Refillery, you support fair-trade ingredients and fair labor laws and wages! The products we carry are made in North America, cruelty-free and support small businesses.

SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A REFILL! At New Way Refillery you can find a variety of reusable items that are meant to replace single-use disposables and support you in creating a beautiful, minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle.

New Way Refillery is a place of mindfulness on our impact on the world.

Welcome to
New Way Refillery!

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